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Elanor Durall ([info]elanor_durall) wrote in [info]fandom_rant,
@ 2005-09-14 20:17:00

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Dear LOST fandom,

Dear fandom at large,

I dig your slashfic, for the most part. But for god's sake, enough with the run-on sentences already. Even when the boys get all het up, it's okay to insert the occasional full stop or paragraph break. The mile-long run-on sentence is really fucking overused.

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2005-09-15 03:53 am UTC (link)
Even when the boys get all het up

I thought, in the current fandom definition, that would make it not slash.

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2005-09-15 04:51 am UTC (link)
Wow. It took me a good two minutes of blank staring before that one finally sunk in. Heh. Very punny.

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2005-09-16 05:52 am UTC (link)
Mind if I ask what your drug pairing of choice is?

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